The Rule Book


What is your return policy?
No Returns/Exchanges unless product is faulty.

What if I put the wrong address?
Customers are responsible for the data they enter. If we are able to catch the slip up, send us a ticket here, and we will try to update your address for you.
Shipping and tax is calculated off of the address entered, so the order will NOT SHIP until the customer pays the difference with us. We will send the customer an invoice via PayPal, once it's paid, the order will continue processing. If the customer doesn't do this within 24 hours, we will cancel the order.

How long does shipping take?
Each product is made to order, please allow 2-5 business days to ship. This puts delivery at 3-8 business days to arrive. Some products may take longer and we will do our best to specify when that happens in the individual product descriptions, but we aren't always aware of current on hand quantities.

Why don't you keep things in stock with on hand quantities?
Made to order products are easier for small businesses and local creators to get off the ground. It is also much better for the environment because you're not over ordering items that will end up in a land fill!

Are these men's or women's clothing?
This is a gender neutral/unisex clothing company. These clothing items are generally meant to be worn large/baggy. If there is a big discrepancy in the way something is meant to fit, it will be noted in the individual product description. Great rule of thumb is to buy your true size or one size smaller if you want it to be fitted.
*Footwear is harder to create unisex products for. Right now, our footwear will be offered in what is traditionally known as "men's" sizing.

We are working on getting size charts on every item on the website!

We also believe in clothing for as many types of bodies as possible. You will never pay more just for needing a bigger size. We happily eat that extra cost of production so you have something fun to wear!
Whenever larger product sizes are available from our manufacturers, we offer them up to the largest size possible. We are always looking for manufacturers that offer larger sizes beyond 3x.

I don’t see a specific player/team represented
We are actively working at adding players/teams all the time, so please be patient with us!
If there's someone you're dying to have product for, shoot us a quick e-mail and we’d be happy to consider putting the player/team up for you!
If we've found a player to be problematic for abuse and other similar issues, it's unlikely they will be represented on this website.




We are from an unconventional hockey market and believe hockey itself should be more unconventional! It's time for a culture shift!

We hail from these communities and are committed to working with BIPOC, queer, disabled, chronically ill, autistic, and other marginalized groups. Every hand that goes into this project is guaranteed to be someone from one or more of these communities.

We aren't afraid to push the boundaries of what is generally accepted as "hockey culture." We're edgy, loud, and we think our opinions about growing a more inclusive sport are important. We don't take ourselves too seriously with our designs and products, however, when it comes to the causes we support, we do!

DHS isn't a "queer hockey brand" - it's a hockey brand operated by a queer creator. Because of this, the influence of the queer culture will bleed into the brand, along with social justice, the streetwear and skateboarding communities, pop culture, meme & internet culture, as well as themes of advocating for not only Women in sports and helping create and promote more spaces for marginalized communities. We want to work with (and sell our products to) people who are aligned with these traits and communities.


If you hail from a marginalized community, we want to work with artists, hockey leagues, marches, movements, podcasts, non-profits, and more. Please reach out to us via or via our website and we will get back to you!

We love to collaborate with people, please send us an e-mail if you think you have a design or idea that we can work together on!